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Children’s Dentistry – Leesburg, VA

Dedicated Care for Your Child’s Smile

At Downtown Family Dental of Leesburg, we understand that children sometimes need a gentle approach when it comes to caring for their oral health. Our team has plenty of experience treating little smiles, offering complete children's dentistry in Leesburg, VA! We’ll always take time to be extra kind and careful during your son or daughter’s appointment so that we can better accommodate their needs and help them feel comfortable. In addition, we can teach your child healthy oral habits that can keep their smile healthy for a lifetime.

Little girl smiling outdoors

Why Choose Downtown Family Dental of Leesburg for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Children

Child in dental chair smiling at dentist

Our team will make every effort to give your child a positive experience every time they come into our dental office. We’ll explain the importance of daily oral hygiene and give your child the personal attention they deserve. During their semiannual appointments, we can find problems before they cause your child pain and interfere with their growth and development. Our skilled hygienists will also take the time to remove the plaque and tartar that your child has missed on their own.

Dental Sealants

Closeup of child's healthy smile

The chewing surfaces of your child’s molars and premolars are more likely to get cavities than other spots because of their deep grooves. Food particles, plaque, and bacteria can congregate there and be passed while in brushing, leading to decay. The good news is that our team offers dental sealants, a clear, plastic coating that shields these surfaces from harmful bacteria. Dental sealants can last for up to 10 years and are effective in preventing cavities.

Athletic Mouthguards/ Sportsguards

Teen boy in football helmet with red mouthguard

If your child is active in sports or other activities where an injury or impact could happen, they need to wear an athletic mouthguard. Regardless of their age or skill level, accidents can occur and cause very real damage to your child’s teeth. You can prevent that with a small oral appliance. Instead of purchasing an ill-fitting mouthguard from the store, come to Downtown Family Dental of Leesburg for a custom, comfortable mouthguard that will protect your child’s precious smile.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Child receiving fluoride treatment

Normal fluoride treatments are great at preventing cavities before they start, but did you know that the earliest stages of a cavity can be stopped with silver diamine fluoride? This treatment halts decay as it is still developing, eliminating the need to remove any tooth structure. If your child’s dentist sees the beginnings of a cavity in their mouth, they can apply this powerful treatment to the area and avoid more drastic treatment later on.

Special Needs Dentistry

Father holding laughing little boy in lap

Every member of your family deserves access to outstanding, compassionate dental care, particularly those with special needs. Our patient team will gladly work with your loved one, helping them feel relaxed and comfortable throughout their treatment. If necessary, we can use nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to soothe them as well. Let us know before their appointment about their special needs so that we can make the necessary accommodations for a successful visit.

Frenectomies/ Lip & Tongue Tie

Mother holding baby

The tissue that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth and your upper lip to your gums is called a frenulum. For some babies or children, a thick frenulum (also called a tongue or lip tie) can restrict the movement of the tongue or lips, make feeding or speaking a challenge, and even impact oral development. Our dentists and the rest of our team can perform a simple procedure called a frenectomy to rectify the situation, helping your child regain full oral function and range of motion.

Non-Nutritive Habits

Baby sucking thumb

We understand that some babies need to suck on a pacifier or their thumb or other fingers to soothe themselves. However, if these habits continue after the age of three, your baby could have problems with their oral development in the long term. Our caring team can happily provide you with tips for stopping these behaviors early on so that you can give your child the best chance of having a healthy smile.

Pulp Therapy

Little girl in dental chair giving thumbs up

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, tooth decay can still occur. If an infection has reached the inner layer of one of your child’s teeth, called the pulp, then we’ll need to remove it to prevent the spread of bacteria. Pulp therapy allows us to save a tooth that otherwise would need to be extracted and alleviate any pain that a child may be feeling. Throughout the entire treatment, our team will make sure that your child is comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Relaxed child receiving dental treatment

At Downtown Family Dental of Leesburg, we know that dental visits can be a stressful experience for some children. Whether your child has sensory issues, problems with anxiety, or simply needs to take the edge off of their nervousness to feel calm, we can help. We can make every visit a relaxing, productive experience from start to finish using nitrous oxide sedation. Otherwise known as laughing gas, this treatment effectively puts our young patients’ minds at ease, allowing us to give them their necessary dental care without stress.

Hospital Anesthesia

Mother with child in lap during dental treatment

For more complex procedures or patients who have severe dental anxiety, we offer hospital-based anesthesia. Our dentists will work with an anesthesiologist to make sure that your loved one stays safe and properly sedated during the entire treatment. When you entrust us with your child’s care, you can rest assured that we have their well-being at heart and are partnered with specialists who can help them get the care they need for a healthy smile.

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